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Pre-Owned Merchandise for Sale

So where is the one place in the world you can buy a flamingo lawn ornament, an autographed football jersey, a curved 4K TV, collectible beanie babies and a signature framed art piece? You guessed it, All-Star Pawn. There is more inventory coming into our pawn shop in Fort Worth, TX and flowing out of our doors into the hands of happy customers every single day.

The items most in demand are: Retail Merchandise for Sale in Fort Worth, TX | All Star Pawn

  • Gold and Jewelry
  • Firearms
  • Smart phones, tablets, and laptops
  • Handheld electronics
  • Video games, cameras, flat screen monitors
  • Musical instruments
  • Huge selection of hand and power tools
  • Sports equipment, collectibles, household appliances and more

All-Star Pawn shop is the best store of pre-owned merchandise, recycled merchandise and collectables in the Fort Worth, TX. Ensuring we never have stolen merchandise in our inventory gives our customers and employees peace of mind. All-Star Pawn is strictly regulated and we want it that way so our customers know they will always be taken care of.

Pawn shop in Fort Worth, TX
All Star Pawn
3789 N Beach St Suite 221
Fort Worth, Texas 76137